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Visual Components’ 3D manufacturing simulation solutions are trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide to support critical planning and decision-making processes.

Are you…

Looking for a tool to design and present production solutions?

Looking for a robust and flexible Proof of Concepts?

Looking to improve your production line without stopping your production?

Looking to study if your production is at an optimal capacity?

Looking to accelerate manufacturing process while minimizing risk?

How do you use Visual Components?
Use it for manufacturing design, planning or optimization.

Benefits of 3D Simulation Environment


  • True layout planning; validate the design, analyse and configure production layout
  • Study and improve existing manufacturing configuration
  • Visualise your manufacturing floorplan with VC eCatalog
  • Support custom CAD data
  • Neutral platform with over 2,900 models including major “brand name” equipments to choose

Automation Simulation

  • Design, test, and simulate production process, teaching point, and cycle time
  • Powered to enable offline programming applications
  • Accurate robotic simulation without stopping production
  • PLC connectivity and virtual commissioning
  • No physical asset or integration; zero risk of safety and damages


  • Study and visualise future manufacturing processes efficiently
  • Accelerate production cycle time study
  • Interactive virtual reality streaming
  • Unlimited robot models to choose and validate proof of concept in a 3D environment


  • Communicate your findings visually in 2D drawings, 3D drawings, statistics, or VR models
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in by presenting solutions in videos or VR models
  • Validate application solutions virtually and accelerate implementation time

Who should use

Visual Components

idea Integrators:

Systems integrator that works on multiple automation hardware and combines subsystems to work together as a full solution.

worker Manufacturer, warehouse operators, in-house process engineer:

To visualize and simulate the floorplan and study manufacturing/line process and its efficiency before building it.

data-scientist Research Lab / University:

Educators, the educational institutions will benefit from the extension experience VC can provide to researchers and students.

The next generation of 3D manufacturing simulation technology


Design, build and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components

Factory Simulation: The factory simulation offers all the essential tools to quickly design and set up your manufacturing simulations in an interactive, user-friendly environment and easily export and share your results.

Basic Virtual Commissioning: Test and validate the functionality of your digital models by connecting the simulations with your control systems. Make sure your production systems are well-integrated and functioning efficiently before physical execution.

Basic Robot Programming: Quickly teach and program the robots and cobots for your use cases in a virtual environment using offline robot programming (OLP) tools. OLP saves you time and costs of the robot and cobot integration for your applications.

Sales Content Creation: Create and share impressive sales material of your projects in various standard formats. Visualize and communicate all project phases and outcomes with simple content creation tools.

VC Experience on Mobile: Easily share and experience the simulations in your smartphones through our free to download mobile app

Virtual Reality: Step into your simulations in virtual reality and use the content to improve your presentations with immersive and detailed proposals.

Design and simulate realistic manufacturing applications with easy-to-use modeling features. Define and create your own components to simulate in our 3D world.

It includes everything in Essentials and gives you the tools to model and create your own components.

Component Modeling: Use Boolean Modeling operations to create intersections, unions of CAD models as well as subtractions and modify your CAD geometries for more advanced simulation use cases.

Pre-built Wizards for faster workflow: The pre-built functionality plugins for component modeling streamline the component development process by asking for simple inputs and automatically configuring the component behaviors. Save time and activate your CAD files for the 3D world more quickly.

Basic Solid Geometry: Build new 3D geometries or make quick updates to your imported 3D models, right inside the product using the modeling toolkit.

Geometry Simplification: Improve simulation performance by simplifying and removing unnecessary details from your models and reduce the file sizes.

Virtualize your factory with our complete manufacturing simulation solution.

It includes everything in Essentials and Professional, plus more features for advanced robotics and virtual commissioning applications.

Enhanced Virtual Commissioning: Connect your simulations with a range of physical and virtual vendor-specific controllers to plan, debug and verify your programs with powerful visuals and improve virtual commissioning possibilities.

  • KUKA OLP Solution 
  • Fanuc Robot Connectivity
  • Siemens S7 – PLC Connectivity 
  • WinMOD and SIMIT

Advanced Robot Programming: Quickly program your tobots with detailed kinematics and visualize them in simulation for various practical application like welding, sealling, cutting, painting, material handling etc. 

  • Geometrical CAD data for Robot Paths
  • Path Statements 
  • Paint Process Visualisation 
  • VRC connectivity for UR and Stäubli

Interactivity and VR: Interact with your simulations for collaborative selling and training. Share your plans in immersive environment and eliminate any risks before allocating costs to physical setups.

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